An assessment of library instruction: its influence on search behaviour of first- and third-year students

Torunn Skofsrud Boger, Hanne Dybvik, Anne-Lise Eng, Else Helene Norheim
2016, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 64-77


This article presents the results of a follow-up study conducted at Østfold University College in 2015 which set out to examine information resource use among students of nursing and teacher education. The first study was presented in an article published in the Journal of Information Literacy Vol. 9 No. 1 (Boger et al. 2015). The two qualitative studies were carried out by interviewing the students about their skills in information retrieval, and observing them. The results show differences in search behaviour between first-year and third-year students, a decrease in the use of Google, and a difference between the students from the nursing faculty and the teacher education faculty.


information literacy; search behaviour; library instruction; undergraduate students; academic libraries; higher education; nursing; teaching; follow-up study; Norway

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